You take a parent-like approach and bring chipmunks on track. But you can also thrive on being the tambourine man. You can support any topic under the sun. You adapt to change very well and give quick solutions to any problem that creeps up. You get the job done. You love to take risks by understanding the business inside out. You know that the times they are a-changin’. You channel innovation in the right direction.


A day in the life

  • You identify and prioritise the opportunities, challenges and ease the roadblocks.
  • You advocate and empathise with everyone. Literally. 
  • You love diving into the details and surface to see the big picture.
  • You help design and build complex solutions using latest technologies.
  • You share best practices with all team members from your experience in modelling business processes.
  • You spread the gospel of lean, agile and continuous development and improvement practices. 
  • You are a story teller. You define the scope, acquire resources while still managing to encourage out-of-box thinking.


Qualify for this delightful life IF you have all of the below

  • 3-4 years of relevant experience
  • Proficiency with slide ware and number crunching tools such as MS Excel would come in handy.
  • Experience with lean design and agile methodologies
  • Exposure to a variety of models, environments and technologies
  • A passion for perfection and know-how of build (from ideation to modelling)


If you are still reading this, APPLY. 

  • Post us a note on why you want to hold our hands 
  • We would love to see what your resume has to say
  • Give us your contact details. We can work it out from there.