Client Context

Devourin is a Pune based restaurant automation solution that provides critical business insights about a restaurant’s customers, operations, sales, marketing and menu, powered by a state of the art, highly customisable tech platform that not only automates all functions but provides a 360‎° view of a restaurant’s business with actionable insights.

The Challenge

Devourin piloted its tech platform with restaurants in Pune in 2015, leading to a validation of their offering and value proposition. However, in order to sustain and grow as a business in a competitive landscape, Devourin planned to scale its operations to cities across India and eventually make a foray into the international market.

The challenge that they faced was two-fold:
Firstly to validate if their current business model, people and processes were conducive to rapid scaling and to attract investments.
Secondly to come with a set of necessary interventions that ensured a successful growth strategy

They approached ScaleFactor to help them define their way forward



Rapid, in-depth and collaborative workshops with the business stakeholders aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of how the business functions, followed by a detailed assessment report with insights on specific opportunities to scale and pitfalls to watch for.



Detailed recommendations for the Business in the areas of - The Product, Product Development, Sales Strategy, Leadership & Strategy, Business Vision, Growth Strategy.

Provided actionable next steps, prioritised by what should be actioned Now, Next and Later

“  We walked in with apprehensions about how much an external agency would understand if not empathize our customer pain points, solution we are offering and many aspects of our plan and strategy. But it was like a breeze, instead of firing a series of readymade questions, guys at ScaleFactor took us  through a constructive discussion where we did not feel the burden of articulating the business model, market opportunity, product offerings and so on. By lunch time the guys were up to speed with what we were doing and not doing. I was amazed with their capability in getting deep inside the two years of our story with casual questions in a fun filled meeting. As the workshop progressed towards the second day, they were throwing riveting and exciting inputs which made us realize ‘yeah, we never looked at it this way’, ‘how the hell did we not think about it earlier’, ‘voila, you can do it this way as well’. We are thankful to the ScaleFactor team for being great listeners, subtly sharing thought provoking inputs, helping us with crisp action items and following up with genuine interest.
Sivanandan Chettiyar
CEO & Founder, Devourin