Online Spiritual Marketplace Start-Up



Client Context

The client is an e-commerce platform for Indian spiritual products. It aims to separate myth from science which is the fundamental basis as to why and how rituals and ceremonies are conducted. By bringing in contemporary methods, the client intends to bring spirituality back to the mainstream.

For it’s concept and effort over the last two years the platform has received a lot of attention worldwide and has been mentioned in NYMagazine, LA times, Forbes and many more.

The Challenge

The challenge is twofold:

Brand Design: The current branding isn’t a correct representation of the intended value proposition. It leans more towards e-commerce of spiritual products rather than the educational aspects of it. The idea is to bring harmony between commerce and spiritual education.

Platform Design: The usability and architecture of the current platform makes it difficult for users to appreciate and assimilate what is on offer.



Our recommendation to the client was to bring about a change in the way information was disseminated through the website. The new strategy was to drive trust and convenience as an overarching theme driven by content. The four pillars of strategy were to bring the content to life with a story first approach while educating the consumer, adding credibility to content by offering relevant evidence while showcasing experience, providing access to quality content by driving simplified navigation through categorised, condensed and simpler architecture across devices, and making the content visually compelling by modernising the brand’s visual language giving it a contemporary make over.



Provided detailed recommendations for the Business in the areas of - Digital Brand Strategy, Brand Communication and Content, Digital Experience Design Strategy.