visual designer




You are creative, quirky and borderline weird. You are passionate about art, music, nature, pranks and good humour. Great designs give you a kick and you don’t have to think hard to enthrall us with your ideas. Your work stands out from the crowd, effortlessly. 


A day in the life

  • You communicate powerfully. We mean, your work communicates powerfully.
  • All you need is a laptop. And your headphones. We won’t mind an Eleanor Rigby. 
  • You craft beautiful art that translates into icons, screens and illustrations.
  • You create wireframes, sketches and interactive UX prototypes.
  • You are anal about alignments and your first love is illustration, typography and yummy colours.
  • Your mission translates our customer’s needs into beautiful visual artefacts.
  • You seamlessly transform thoughts and data into powerful imagery and infographs.


You qualify for this delightful life IF you have all of the below

  • Relevant practical experience. We are not too bothered about the degree but we won't complain if you have one.
  • Knowledge of experience design will give you brownie points.
  • Proficiency with the standard design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and the likes)
  • Familiarity with what works for iOS and what works for Android. The constraints that need to be played around with. Basically, the tech-y stuff.
  • Comfortable with multiple iterations and multiple stakeholders.


If you are still reading this, APPLY. Period.

  • Send us a link to your digital portfolio. If your work makes us fall out of our chairs, we won’t even take a look at your resume. At least not at first.
  • Post us a note on why you want to hold our hands 
  • A resume sounds good too
  • Give us your contact details. We can work it out from there.