behavioural sciences

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Behavioural science is the study of human behaviour spanning over areas like psychology, cognitive sciences, sociology, anthropology, and behavioural economics. It is a discipline that uncovers behavioural patterns and mental models, and answers deeper whys to unearth details on human beliefs, motivations, and actions.

ScaleFactor helps organisations decode complex human behaviours to design and build insights-led products, services, systems, brands, capabilities, and businesses that are functional and delightful with seamless interactions. This has a direct impact on the experience businesses create for their stakeholders, and also brings in predictability around behaviours.

We use tools like focussed group discussions, in-depth interviews, usability research, and contextual inquiry, and conduct a comprehensive sensemaking exercise to get insights into human behaviours and build persona archetypes to design for different needs, and deliver value to each stakeholder.