growth strategy

Unraveling opportunities. Realizing enterprise potential. Building organizational sustenance.

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A comprehensive growth strategy tests the latent potential of the idea, identifies relevant opportunities, and unlocks motion towards its market.

Often startups or teams at large enterprises are looking to take a new product or service to market, or trying to develop a marketing strategy of an existing offering for a new market. ScaleFactor’s approach facilitates deep understanding of consumer behaviour, crafting a salient brand story, communicating using the most effective channels, and engaging with the people that matter the most.


Brand Design

Brand development based on customer research, effective brand & communication strategy, and alignment of value proposition with key business goals. Leverage brand development exercise to craft new identities, refresh existing brands, and prepare for new market launches.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Holistic three-pronged strategy - Assess problem-solution fit, identify key levers, and develop launch plan, then execute soft-launch, iterative build-measure-learn cycles, followed by assessment for market penetration and/or expansion.

Traction Building

Craft a sustainable growth strategy - Acquire audiences by identifying and targeting via right channels. Analyse consumer behavior for engagement and retention. Leverage insights for monetising engaged and interested audience.

Fund Raise

Get founders investor ready. Prepare for due diligence and pitch, fine tune the business model, and communicate an interesting story. Work from pre-seed stages to Series A, and beyond.

Organization Design

Organisations need to be prepared for accommodating projected business growth. Realign and organise teams to facilitate and function at scale.

Business Architecture

Business model ideation, definition, and development. Envisioning and crafting the business architecture to understand key metrics, business performance, and growth.


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