Transition from a delivery-centric to a high performing customer-centric organisation



+ Enhance user experience across every touchpoint of the complex ecosystem of stakeholders
+ Enable the firm to be responsive to market dynamics for impact realisation


Facilitate successful transition without changing or diluting the core purpose, values and mission of the organisation, and refreshing the brand identity.

ScaleFactor worked in an iterative and incremental manner in cycles of 4 weeks to design and enable the new brand identity, craft and implement a new operating model and streamline operations for impact realisation in a data-driven manner. The challenge was approached by assessing and reviewing the as-is state of the organisation in all functional areas, as well as understanding the founders’ vision and objectives. This included in-depth one on ones and focus group discussions with Dasra employees, leadership teams, portfolio organisations, and funders to validate aspirations, ground reality and motivations.

In the period that ScaleFactor was engaged in, Dasra transitioned to a market-oriented operating model, with 2 key market facing units - field building & strategic philanthropy, supported by 4 centres of excellence - research & dissemination, capacity building, fund-raising and institution building. Value creation and delivery were streamlined, with clarity in articulation of brand proposition. Technology strategy and roadmap to enable the propositions were laid out accordingly.

Radhika KaleDasra