Relaunching a family owned business hotel to be on par with international standards


Hotel Jyoti Central is a family run hotel in goa



The client needed our help to relaunch their family owned business hotel with branding, demand generation and operations.


Setting basic expectations of the service only to deliver a high value experience would drive customers back to the client’s business hotel over their competitors.


ScaleFactor elevated Hotel Jyoti Central to the current business hotel standard in the world with contemporary branding, standardised operating procedures for efficiencies, and customer loyalty program for a pleasant, comfortable stay experience for guests.

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Hotel Jyoti Plaza was a family run business located in the heart of Margaon, Central Goa. The family has named the real estate business and the hotel ‘Jyoti’ after the founder's wife. The building is a 15 year old property which was built to serve as a commercial office space and was later converted to a hotel to tap into the mining industry's growth and associated travel. After 2010, as the mining industry started slowing down the demand also started going down. By 2014, the occupancy was always less than 40% and by 2017, it was around 10% which meant hotel was being run at major losses to keep it operational. The hotel is close to the bus stop, railway station, ATMs, Medical Stores and the Goa Market. In the 8 months that the hotel’s been shut, the property has been revamped and the hotel has been rebranded according to current hospitality standards and trends. 

The client needed our help to relaunch the hotel with branding, demand generation and operations.

We conducted an envisioning activity to understand what the clients saw their hotel as ,what they considered to be the value proposition of the hotel, their goals and aspirations with the brand. We retained the name ‘Jyoti’ for the hotel and added ‘Central’ after it to communicate hotel’s significance at the heart of Madgaon and it’s proximity to the bus stop, railway station, ATMs, Medical Stores and the Goa Market. Hotel Jyoti Central’s logo had to show the purpose and the personality of the brand. The collaterals for the brand included business stationery that reflects promotes brand recollection.
The solution looked at building efficient systems that eliminate the pain points, create a better experience for the customer and looks into limitations that could arise in the journey and mitigation strategies for streamlined functioning of operations. The solution also outlined what role every stakeholder plays at every stage.

The hotel is currently functional in Goa with our branding and systems in place.