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Designing learning organizations. Embedding innovation culture. Inducting organizational agility.

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Organisations, like living systems, evolve. Meaningful growth is an outcome of fostering the right environment, enabling behavioural change, and empowering teams and leaders to envision and work towards a common goal. 

Learning organisations are self-transforming entities that constantly evolve and facilitate the right environment for teams to succeed. ScaleFactor works with leaders and employees to enable sustainable transformation. This incorporates facilitating behavioural change, designing optimisations, defining organisational structure, and capacity and capability building.


Behavioural Change

Facilitate change in organisations by employing behavior science principles, empathy, and lean thinking. Establish shared understanding and align teams around common goals. Fundamentally alter behavior for the larger good.


Assess, analyse, and develop optimal paths for organizations, driven by design and systems thinking principles, backed with insights to understand and challenge the status quo and bring about systemic effectiveness and efficiency across the organization's value chain.

Organisational Structure

Understand organisational culture, history, and current scenario to analyse and craft a definitive structure that works. Leverage understanding of interpersonal and inter-team dynamics to design effective operational measures.

Capability Development

Imbibe customer centricity, facilitate a collaborative environment, and update skills. Define and establish advanced competency frameworks, capability development exercises, and interactive workshops.

Leadership Development

Advisory and coaching for developing adaptive leadership styles, succession planning, and decision delegation matrix.


Apply design thinking, systems thinking, and lean principles to imagine, identify, and build for new opportunities. Leverage empathy for users, consumers, customers, or employees to effectively craft experiences.


Empower people to innovate. Enable organisations to grow & transform.

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