Human centered design for crafting employee experiences



+ ScaleFactor collaborated with NHRD (Mumbai - Pune Chapter), Selectigence and Goa Institute of Management to deliver a 3-day residential program on “Design Thinking for HR”
+ Designed a hands on & highly collaborative program for CHROs, mid-senior level HR professions from various NHRD chapters across India


Truly remarkable companies put their employees first and everybody second. Most people processes focus on efficiency, but ignore the element of human centricity. The 3-day program on “Design Thinking for HR” provided approaches, frameworks and methods to help senior leaders from various industries, to explore opportunities to redefine and redesign some of their HR practices and processes.

The setting was perfect with all the teams coming together at the picturesque Goa Institute of Management, Sanquelim campus for an intense 3 day program. The objective was to enable collaborative, experiential learning and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to some of the real-world HR problems. The 3-day program covered all aspects of problem solving, from laying out the employee journey maps, identifying and framing problems the right way, to sensemaking, service design blueprint and final solution canvas.

By the end of the program, the shared understanding helped the participating HR professionals gain a deeper understanding of the strategic challenges and creating a foundation for building an employee centric organization. One of the key takeaways was the appreciation around human centricity and what it can do to create a future-ready people function.