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Startups and large companies pursue new ideas in search of transformational growth.

Venture Design is a systemic approach to research, design, test, and launch nearly all aspects of a business, including but not limited to creation of a new brand identity, product and/or service development, customer experience, go-to-market strategy, business and revenue model generation, et al.

ScaleFactor’s approach to Venture Design is insight backed, lean, and calls for iterative cycles, constant experimentation, and reducing time to market. This collaborative method brings teams together for hypothesis, testing, prototyping, launch, growth, and beyond. ScaleFactor’s outcome-oriented philosophy ensures efficient delivery of measurable and meaningful outcomes. 


Qualify & Sense

Unearth, identify, and assess opportunities and insights around target market, brand, customers, and offerings. Sensemaking - A salient approach for processing research information to sieve through and prioritize meaningful insights.

Ideate & Build

Iterative approach for new product or service design with the right balance between lean ideation and blue sky thinking. Prototyping and build-measure-learn cycles for constant feedback and development.

Setup & Launch

Design and develop go-to-market strategy for new product or service launch. Brand strategy development including new identity, positioning, benchmarking. Launch & growth marketing plan development, analysing, and reporting.

Measure & Pivot

Hypothesize, test, rapid iterations for product-market fit. Analyse status quo, identify growth opportunities, and plan for pivot.

Growth Strategy

Help businesses build a comprehensive growth strategy. Learn more


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